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La Résurrection

La RésurrectionI can't believe I'm actually writing a post on my blog again. I had [more]

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Eats A Wonderful Life

Isn’t life better with good food? Come on, admit it! You love to eat!

Well I do. Why, if only I had good genes, I’d gobble up everything in sight. Not to mention if I had a vast amount of wealth and incredible farming, sourcing and cooking skills, why I’d die happy already. It’s no secret that I’ve always wanted to write a food blog. I mentioned it so many times and I even tried adapting this blog into a food blog but… jynxedpanda and food? Maybe it doesn’t really connect. After seeing a few friends try to set up theirs, I was encouraged to go all out and create that blog – with theme or none. Anyway, I was a regular Looloo food reviewer so I thought, why not set it up in one space. So with a help of a friend’s puntastic thoughts, Eats A Wonderful Life, the food blog, was born!

Screen shot 2014-03-11 at 11.41.33 PM

I decided to use Tumblr as my medium because… well I liked a change of interface but I must admit, WordPress is outdoing itself and was even able to correct the issue on 2 comments that I couldn’t approve since forever. Tumblr is easy to use and easy to gain followers but I’ll see. I’m trying my best to post everyday there unlike on this personal blog. I really hope to be as good as The Pioneer Woman someday. God, I admire that woman! Now if I can only find a hunky Cowboy… HAHA! Well you can’t have everything! Food first :)

I’ll be very detailed and very thorough with my restaurant and food reviews. I also plan to collaborate with my brother who is a foodie fanatic as well and loves to concoct his own recipes. A food blog is definitely incomplete without some recipes! I mean if you love to eat, might as well learn how to cook right? You can’t depend on restaurants forever! Plus Gordon Ramsay won’t like it! I admire that guy as well XD

So head on over and check out the first 3 reviews I’ve made so far. I even wrote a long soliloquy about Spanish bread so it’s going to be interesting. Hope you like it :)

La Résurrection

I can’t believe I’m actually writing a post on my blog again. I had been so out of it that I needed to just get away… I needed to get away from blogging. I just needed time away from writing my thoughts and instead I wanted to focus ON my thoughts. Do you get what I mean? That’s why for a minute or so, I panicked because heck I can’t even remember my username and password here anymore! XD I also desperately needed an upgrade for my WordPress and I must say I love the UI.

So it’s not the third month or third year or what but I feel like it’s some Resurrection of some sorts. It’s quite a big word but it’s exactly what I need for this. I need to resuscitate everything and beat that blasted heart to life. A lot has changed my dears, even the blogging sphere has changed (from personal to viral), what with celebrity bloggers popping up here and there and viral sites going around spreading lists. There’s a top 5 or top 10 or even a top 50 for everything! Whenever I see a post that even mentions “The Top 10 __ to __” I feel so constricted >_<. I know they're supposed to help and even guide you but sometimes they're about the weirdest or kinda "obvious" things. I'm not saying they're not useful or even not personal or truthful but... we're swimming with lists. Sometimes the world needs to just go with the flow. Do you get what I mean? Well, life has been CRAZY the past year. 2013 was one of the hardest, most amusing and memorably year. Who knew I'd get to Latin America, specifically the land of El Dorado? Who knew I'd meet so many awesome people at work? Who knew I’d get drunk again I’d have an established bag brand? Who knew, who knew and I thank the Lord for 2013. It wasn’t the easiest year but it was an enlightening one. 2014 on the other hand is… going to be a year full of learning! It’s going to be a year of changes and a rebirth!

I’m going back and resuscitate my love of cooking. Thank you brother dear for the inspiration and also to Gordon Ramsay! I was so overjoyed when my brother finally came home for the Christmas holidays (he’s having his Masters in Lisbon, Portugal. 2014 is his graduating year!) and was even more happy when he cooked up a storm!

1. Bacalhau Lagareiro

2. Feijoada (Brazil’s national dish and my personal fave)

3. Chana Masala

And lots more other dishes. He taught me one thing about cooking and that’s to be CONFIDENT about it. I learned how to cook when I went on student exchange but I was… AFRAID of everything. I was afraid of cutting up my fingers, setting fire to the food/kitchen, scalding my face, boiling things! I did everything half-heartedly and my food just went out… well, just well! It wasn’t spectacular or anything. I also cooked and baked with measuring cups and I needed everything to be exact. I mean cooking should just be like chemistry right? But brother taught me that sometimes you have to trust your intuition and instincts more. After all, most inventions are from experiments and accidents right?

He then introduced me to Gordon Ramsay. NOT PERSONALLY OF COURSE but heck that would be fantabulous! He specifically introduced me to a fantastic cooking/talk/reality show of his THAT ISN’T HELL’S KITCHEN. Gordon there was FUNNY and taught the viewers so many tips on cooking. The show was also filled with food knowledge and little challenges where Gordon USUALLY LOSES. It’s bloody amazing. It also features his ADORABLE KIDS. My gahd. Best part of all is you can watch his show, The F Word, FOR FREE on Youtube. The whole 5-6 seasons are all on the Internet! THANK YOU SO MUCH INTERNET. And I get now how cooking should be an act of love. Sure he may shout and curse and scream at times but he does it all for the best interest of the trainee chef and for the customer. Food has to have love and Gordon has just that. He has GENUINE LOVE for food and for helping people. Hell’s Kitchen? That is just FULL OF DRAMA and EDITED scenes. Better watch The F Word or his Ultimate Cookery Course. To get you all started, here’s Episode One.

So here are the results of my “training”

1. Mirin Glazed Salmon

2. Poached Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

There are tons of room for improvement but the important thing is I was able to take that first baby step to becoming an amateur chef! :)

I’m also undertaking a big project of mine – learning as much Romance languages as I can. Am currently studying Italian and French via Duolingo (which reminds me so much of Rosetta Stone but it’s FREE) but concentrating on Italian as I have a little grasp of French already. I want to hit myself on the head for not concentrating when I was already in France. I mean WHY DIDN’T I LEARN CONVERSATIONAL FRENCH. Ahhh such small regrets that we have. Well all we have to do is just to keep our head held high and try again.

This 2014 is going to be GREAT. So please don’t be afraid to try again. Don’t be afraid to be resurrected.

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