To singel-handedly contradict the title of my first post, I’m just going to put up a very short title! How’s that for short? lolz! hahha 😀 Oh i’m being silly again… very typical 😛

Thank you so much to those who have visited and commented and for those who still remember the Panda that was basking under the sun. Never fear because my blogger will still be existing because it’s just too precious to let go. It was the 2nd blog that I created on 2004 (I think) and I have come a long way with that blog. I mean we spent almost 5 years together *naks parang ang drama, nagbreak kami pero friends pa rin! lolz* and I will still sustain all my emotions there so if you feel nostalgic for some reason, please visit my old blog! hahaha

It’s the end of a chapter but the beginning of another so I entitled this post as “NEW”. That’s it. That one simple word amounts to a cataclismic reaction that will explode into little bits of “other new

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