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Hey Guys! 19 comments in last post! I think that’s a record here in my site especially since I didn’t reply (yet) to all and I don’t think I was getting this much traffic in my old blog. I hope that my old blogging sisters would come back though :( I miss you all terribly!

I’ll be bloghopping later and return comments and also comment on your post. I think it’s just wonderful how blogs can be mediums to share thoughts or just about absolutely anything. People have been wondering why bloggers would dare bare what used to be so hidden. How can one person post a “diary” when diaries were supposed to be made secret? My explanation for that is a blog IS personal but only to some extent. I don’t want to share most of my personal problems here because I don’t think it would be helpful much. Chaos and confusion and misunderstandings would just probably occur so that’s why if you’re looking for a fight in this blog, then KEEP OUT. Gosh I really hate misunderstandings. This is why I don’t like getting angry but if I do get angry, it’ll be more than just a ROAR.

So this blog would be a place of sharing information and ideas. It’s like one big biodiversity (jungle) here where you’ll be able to see tons of pandas and movies and such. So thank you bloghoppers (especially Chiui for being the TOP commenter!) for coming and sharing! 😀 Remember that link exchanges are greatly welcome so just go to my contact form and you’re ready to go! :p

I really put a lot of love in this blog. There are always researches on my post and every single word is thought out of so thank you really to those who read everything despite the length and boring-ness! To make a post seem shorter, am just gonna use spoilers on everything (You can get this wordpress script on my Goodies page). Bwahahaa *evil laughs* This way, you can just choose which ones you like to read 😀

Cliffhanger last post QUITE LONG BEWARE ▼

Next movie to watch, Angles and Demons maybe? BUT I REALLY WANT TO WATCH PIXAR’S UP! NOW!!! *spreads trailer* Okay open next spoiler for next goodies!

Panda features ▼

Now that you’ve read that…. on to

American Idol Updates ▼

Wanna Listen?? GO PLAY GUYS! 😀 hehee
Heartless – Kris Allen
Cryin – Adam Lambert

So who’s going to win American Idol? All I know is that I love these two and it all depends on their three songs. I CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT WEEK! *time warps to Wednesday* It’s just too bad I won’t be able to watch it live… Darn school! lolz 😀 hahaha :p

In the meantime I’ll be using some avatars to promote Kris-dom! These were all made by my good friend Aeyelle! Do give her some love! 😀

On a more personal note, I just received my FIRST PAY yesterday! I was a teacher-assistant at the Chinese department of Ateneo and I had to practice the intonation, pronunciation and character identification of my four students who would become Chinese teachers in the provinces. It was a very rewarding experience because I actually had fun teaching. It was quite intimidating though because my students were all in their mid30s to 40s and I was just 18 @_@. Gorsh I was able to pull it through and I got paid 3600php! It’s not much but it’s okay for 9 days right? haha. Would love to teach again if given the opportunity :p

I’m also competing in my first MAJOR event as a rifle varsity member! I’m part of Ateneo’s Rifle and Pistol Team and I’ll be using my handy dandy number 4 Air-rifle. It’s quite a big event I think because it would be held at the Marines and I’M NERVOUS. I’m really the weakest link in the rifle team because I wasn’t able to practice much last 2nd semester. Hopefully I’ll be able to do good…

I also got tagged by Kym!! ▼

PHEW! Was that too much? hahaha
Updates when I update!

1. Have ya watched Star Trek? Or what was the latest movie you’ve watched and did you like it?
2. Do you like the new designs of Louis Vuitton?
3. Do you think you’re awesome? Pls do the tag!! hahaha 😀


  • So its totally awesome that youre part of the rifle teamI dont know too many girls who can say that. In fact, I dont know any girls who can say that! Haha! 😉 and I was so sad that Danny left American Idol ? but I know hes still going to make it big anyway! I think Adam will win this time

    Yes, adapting to the fil-chi culture is hard. Even yesterday after that dinner, we ran into my bfs parents friends. They started talking to me in fukienese and obviously I didnt understand so the lady asked my bfs mom Chinese? and his mom said no, Filipina and the room just kinda froze and it was so awkward! Haha! Ive gotten used to it bfs family has learned to accept me already but I know its still hard for them to tell their friends that their son is dating a filipina. Im glad I can talk to you about this stuff cus you can directly relate! Be prepared to listen to my future venting! Haha ;P

    Kyms last blog post..Noodles give you long life? Huhhh?

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  • And I forgot to comment on your 7! Its awesome that youre a movie geek as wellthats my bfs and my pasttime.hes got a library of movies as well. And WOW thats a lot of animals to take care of what was the purpose? and don’t worry i get really twisted dreams too! :S

    Kyms last blog post..Noodles give you long life? Huhhh?

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  • Hey sis! how’s it going? 😀

    I love love AI but sadly, they don’t show it here in Japan.
    Listening to Kris Allen’s song, he should win! That was the best song i’ve ever heard from him. WOW.

    1. Lol, I didn’t really watch Star Trek yet. But srsly, their gadgets in the really really old days were awesome!

    2. I’m not really a fan of L.V but it’s okay :) would buy if I had the bucks.

    3. Do I think i’m awesome? haha. not really.. I have many flaws. :)) but yeah…

    miss you! sorry sorry sorry for not visiting! :p

    ries last blog post..shes back!

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  • hiyee!!! :D:D I haven’t seen star trek :)) but will see it 😉 good you enjoyed it 😀 the Louis Vitton designs are KAWAII!!! goodluck on your riffle varsity! seems cool! :) I’d like to handle guns! I envy my father for knowing how to handle them. haha! til here!! :D:D

    sarabeths last blog post..???????

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  • -ohyeah sis!! haven’t watched star trek but i’ve heard a lot of positive feedback from that movie so maybe i watch it some other day..sorry sis.. i didn’t read the synopsis about startrek..haha..i just want to have a sense of excitement..:P

    -with those PANDA thingy, they’re kinda awkward to see in LV.

    -gawsh sis! u’r a member of rifle and pistol team!! that’s awesome! haha! haven’t touched one ever since! haha.. i think it’s cool to operate that though i actually dont have any idea how to! 😛

    -AMERICAN IDOL! haha.. I’m a freak really since DAVIDS time!! haha
    So talking about last week’s performance, I’m telling you..I never expected KRIS to sang that great w/ heartless! my GOD! it gave me goosebumps!! One of the BEST cover or rendition i EVER HEARD!! Maybe that single song made America voted for HIM big time! Coz everyone know how DAnny Gokey loved by america.. kris is amazing indeed!
    But as I said before, no one can defeat ADAM LAMBERT.. but we never know… I’m assuming it coz I believe that lambert has exceptional talent & he’s definitely deserving than any other to be the next IDOL. OMG sis.. i felt the same way w/ kara DG! i never liked her! she’s a big additional mess in AI..lmao! Her opinions doesn’t moved me or even convinced me..! haha…

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  • why do you like Pandas so much? Hahaha! Im kind of scared of them sometimes.
    Yay for Pixar’s UP! I wanna watch it too! (are you sure it’s not Dreamworks and theyre not fooling you?) lol. I want that flying house thingy thingy. heehee. :3

    Chiuis last blog post..I Was In A Forest

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    tiff kNo Gravatar Reply:

    lolz Chiui! haha I like Pandas because they’re very different from other bears and plus, how many animals are white and black and can kill a person and still look cute? LOLZ!! hahaha

    Haha am sure it’s Pixar! Am such an avid fan of Pixar and I really gobble up every Pixar news there is :p hehee.

    Me too… me want a flying house! hahaa

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  • I see where you’re going. I used to want a “private” online website journal, but of course, that could never happen unless I put a “sign in” thing. It was just too hard and ridiculous. So, in the end, I just decided I’ll make EVERYTHING public and just not write about a whole bunch of personal things, but keep it real all at the same time. I have never once wrote about my love life, bad friendships, or anything along those lines before. It’s too personal for people to know, especially for people I go to school with. I’m pretty sure a couple of my friends/people I know in real life read my blogs. I used to get iffy about it, but now, I hardly care. :)

    Wow, Heartless by Kriss Allen is SO good. I’m used to hearing the Kanye West one! I think he should win! Haha, even though I don’t watch American Idol.

    Aw, don’t be nervous! I’m pretty sure you’ll do fine! Being nervous just makes everything worse. It’ll be okay. ;D

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  • Yeah it’s interesting how journals no longer are private but shared with the entire world. I think most of us don’t blog like we would write a journal though. At least I know I avoid blogging about many things which I write about in a personal paper diary instead.

    1. Have ya watched Star Trek? Or what was the latest movie youve watched and did you like it?
    No haven’t seen it. I watched Tuck Everlasting today and I love that movie.

    2. Do you like the new designs of Louis Vuitton?
    I don’t like ANY design by Louis Vuitton.

    3. Do you think youre awesome? Pls do the tag!! hahaha
    I’m probably one of the most awesome people ever to walk this earth. Sorry if it sounds like I’m bragging but it’s just a fact. 😉

    Angelicas last blog post..My favourite screensavers

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  • Oh wow, that’s one giant panda. O__O

    And good luck with your competition! I haven’t practiced with a firearm since I was young but I remember it was pretty fun. :]

    Lizas last blog post..Around the World

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  • congrats sis to the 19comments..
    It seems like u’re having decent visitors
    hurr in ur new syt, dat’s coOl.. good luck more visitors t0 c0me 😀

    Nyweis, sorry for not being hurr lately..
    been so shocked, but I think I’m okay n0w so
    yeah ready to kickin girl.. Imy sis..

    BTW those pics are so coOl
    esp the panda fantasy, hehe 😉
    I wish I could go der.. and grab th0se cutie things
    They’llbe really awes0me

    I honestly didn’t really care whose g0nna win in AI
    I like them both, Adam and Kris are both nice guys and
    pretty talented, Goodluck

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  • wow.. you really make long posts.. hehe *that’s a compliment!*
    i like the way you’re sharing so much info in just one post. the cliffhangers are great helpers. 😀

    Keitis last blog post..dreams i dont dream about

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  • 1. No, I haven’t :( although I heard it was good! I went to see Slumdog Millionaire and LOVED it.
    2. I do!
    3. I might do the tag, but I think I’m awesome anyway! :DD

    I like how you write about so many different things in one post! Good luck with the rifle competition! xoxoxo

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  • You have inspired me to add ‘bloghopping’ to my extensive ‘To Do’ list… it is around position 8 atm after revision and various other stuff like ‘posting letters’ and ‘replying to emails’. 😀

    I haven’t seen Angels & Demons but one of my friends has and they really liked it. I might buy it on DVD when it comes out. I have too much revision to do atm and therefore I cannot go to the cinema until mid-June. :(

    Congrats on your first pay! 😀 It’s a lovely feeling isn’t it?! 😉

    1. Have ya watched Star Trek? Or what was the latest movie youve watched and did you like it?

    No! I hate Star Trek. It’s just a bad Star Wars.

    2. Do you like the new designs of Louis Vuitton?

    I don’t really have an opinion but my mum does. :)

    3. Do you think youre awesome? Pls do the tag!! hahaha 😀

    As awesome a I can be I suppose. I don’t do tags. Sorry!

    Steven. xxx

    In response to your post on Novajo –

    I am glad you watch Oprah. I will now always like you. hehe 😀 Aren’t you lucky?! 😛 I wouldn’t mind visiting actually, I’ve never been to the Philippines.

    YES! Sims 3 on June 5th. 😀 I’ve got my parents to pre-order it so we should get it on June 5th cos we paid extra to get it by 1pm on the release day. Wohoo! So glad they release it on the same day on Mac as they do Windows – they never have done before. :(

    If you’d like to link then you will have to link me in your sidebar somehow cos that is what I will do with you. If you do that then let me know and I’ll add you straight away.

    Steven. xxx

    Stevens last blog post..Eurovision 2009!

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  • hello tiff.
    pasensya ka na di ako nakakapag comment naku dami ko ng utang sa inyong mnga nag vivisit sa site.
    kasi nag uupdate na lang ako eh. para lang di mamatay yung blog ko,. kasi school plus work plus bahay plus kids.. naku sama mo pa plus asawa hehe.. busy :(

    congrats sa site mo.. ingat

    roses last blog post..Lizard phot op

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  • Thankyou. :) Glad you liked my blog.
    Loved yours as well!
    OMG i absolutely LOVED Chris’ version of Heartless. I downloaded it and all. 😀

    1. Have ya watched Star Trek? Or what was the latest movie youve watched and did you like it? Haven’t seen star trek. Latest one was Wolverine. It was pretty good. Wasn’t “insanely aweosome” since I’m not a guy and I’m not usually into those types of movies lmao.
    2. Do you like the new designs of Louis Vuitton? LOVE THEM!
    3. Do you think youre awesome? Obviously I am because..

    1. Unpaired socks drive me insane.
    2. I passed my physics test which i studied exactly 13 seconds for.
    3. I’m in Buffalo shopping wooooot!
    4. My fav food is pasta..
    5. I’m a nice person? (COUGH RUNNING OUT OF IDEAS COUGH)
    6. I know how to tie a shoe.
    7. I AM GILLIAN ( that just makes me awesome.. :)

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  • cute site! anyways, i haven’t watched startrek yet. not a fan tho. 😀

    [Reply my friend]

  • You have a point a diary is a secret ,thats why me sometimes i don’t put my problems in my blog because its so public.Congratz on having 19 comments the bloghopping was paid off. I love KRADAM too yooh.
    1. Have ya watched Star Trek? Or what was the latest movie youve watched and did you like it? -Nope
    2. Do you like the new designs of Louis Vuitton? -Idc haha im not into iy.
    3. Do you think youre awesome? Pls do the tag!! hahaha -No i don’t think i am hahahah

    Ieyels last blog post..Things that makes me wow.

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  • I also got surprised that Kris is part of the finals. All the while I thought it was gonna be Danny and Adam in the end. But it’s a pretty cool twist though that Kris and Adam ended up in the finals of AI :)

    Congrats on getting so many comments despite the fact that you didn’t bloghop much. It just shows that you’re really starting to get good traffic for your site.

    Congrats also on getting your first pay. It must’ve been a great achievement on your part. Good job!

    1. Have ya watched Star Trek? Or what was the latest movie youve watched and did you like it? Last movie I watched was Wolverine hehe. I haven’t watched Star Trek yet.
    2. Do you like the new designs of Louis Vuitton? Steady.
    3. Do you think youre awesome? Haha yeah sometimes I do. Sorry but I don’t do tags :)

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  • Let’s watch Angels and Demons Ate Tiff! Haha. I can’t comment more on your latter posts because I can’t seem to get those I mean, I don’t know them. Heh. So sorry Ate.

    1. Have ya watched Star Trek? Or what was the latest movie youve watched and did you like it? Not yet. The last movie was BFF.
    2. Do you like the new designs of Louis Vuitton? Uhm, levels.
    3. Do you think youre awesome? Uhm yes but not all the time. 😀

    Aprils last blog post..Happy Birthday Boyfriend

    [Reply my friend]

  • GHAAAAH! OMG Jealous me, you got paid! =)) Exactly what we need during summer, the cash. haha! SPEND it before school starts! nyahahaha.

    I love the scripts to make your post shorter too! Its seems very useful. oh, and I agree that blogs can be a very good outlet. Like, instead of having a fight with your mommy, might as well pour it out in our blogs! haha! OF course, make sure she doesnt read it. haha!

    Thanks for visiting my blog! I myself miss my blogging buddies too. hmmm. have you considered coming to iblogs? they had their 5th summit a few weeks ago. 😛

    karlas last blog post..Countdown

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  • thank you! yeah, we don’t have cockroaches 😀 best thing about this country. i hate insects too, so i’m really glad that all here are tiny :p i hate it when i’m in other countries and awful humungous bugs are around. ooh, the Philippines (: i’ve never been there, but i know it’s beautiful.

    awesome, i’d love to link ex (: putting up your link right now. and i see you’ve broken the 19 comments rec already 😀

    i know, blogs are awesome for talking to people from all over the world about everything and nothing. it’s good to have a sort of diary, though i definitely don’t post stuff about relationships and people i hate like i would on paper (:

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  • In response to your post on Novajo –

    Yay! I love her so much. She is my idol and I believe she always will be. I’ve been hearing rumours that she’ll stop broadcasting in 2011 and that is just like facing death for me. *hyperventilates*

    You’re welcome. :) He is very hot isn’t he? Yesh, big forehead but still cute. (lol) Lovely voice and I really like the song even though it is rather repetitive… 😀

    David Cook?! Who is that??? 😐 I’m glad you enjoyed it nonetheless.

    Due to the fact that I had an exam today I am not doing any revision this evening (general rule) and therefore I plan to bloghop this very evening. 😀 Wohoo! It will be my first time… I’m a bloghopping virgin. 😉

    Ok, thanks. :) I’ll add you this evening. 😛

    Steven. xxx

    Stevens last blog post..Eurovision 2009!

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  • teaching is really fun depends on how you look at it 😀 nax naman mga chinese teachers pa ang tinuturuan mo, and that pay is not bad already!

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