A Tear Drop

Guess how i’m writing this post? Hahaa

Well am using iPhone!! Haha tis awesome really how technology works. I am soo happy that you guys have visited and commented once again! I really shall visit you guys when next week comes because life would be more free then. A bit then i go to my internship duties!

And before anything else… PLS WELCOME MY TWO NEW HOSTEES, ALYSSA AND TARYN!! Pls do visit them!! 😀

I really wanted to share a book with you guys. I picked up this book in The Shakespeare and Company bookstore in Paris, France (every wall had a book crammed in, even the sides of stairs were not spared. It was the dream place of every bookworm!) even if saw this book here in the phils, the cover drew me to grab and sniff the pages, flip through them and just hold on tight and never let go. Im a judge a book by a cover type of person (because covers are part of books too though harry potter is my totem for breaking this rule of mine back then) and i fell in

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