NSE NU Skin Enterprise, Pharmanex, Octagon Building, Teleperformance, Scams Among Other Things

Who here has been called up by some mysterious caller who suspiciously knows your mobile, landline numbers, your university, schools and your name and is being offered an “executive” or “junior executive” position in some company like NU Skin, Synergy, Pharmanex, Biotechnological US-based firm?

*raises hands*

and who here has turned down the offer?

*raises hands*

and who here has showed up for the meeting?


NU Skin or the Octagon Building in San Miguel Ave. in Ortigas has been the TALK of blogs since 2009 or even earlier! You had friends telling you that you have been contacted by so and so and with such a shady conversation with no concrete answers, you decide to “research”, google it and lo and behold hundreds of blogs talking how it is a SCAM because hey it could be a modus operandi of some kidnapping gang or something or it could lead to a PYRAMID SCHEME.

“A pyramid scheme is a non-sustainable business model that involves promising participants payment or services, primarily for enrolling other people into the scheme, rather than supplying any real investment or sale of products or services to the public. Pyramid schemes are a form of fraud.” – thank you Wikipedia

People then avoid it like a plague but haven’t you ever wondered why IT DOESN’T SEEM TO STOP? Is this strategy by NU Skin actually working? I mean now you have LOTS of people talking about it and as they say, news have wings in Filipino, news whether good and bad (oh especially bad) fly around a lot. Is this what NU Skin exactly wants and why isn’t the government doing anything when clearly a lot of people have been or almost been “scammed?”

Well I did a little research and I found 2 very helpful blogs that shed some positivity into this negativity. I am not saying that what they’re doing is a scam or what they’re doing is correct, it’s all about research and UNDERSTANDING the strategy behind this.

I will preview some excerpts from these 2 blogs,

This 15th floor of Octagon Building is actually the HEADQUARTERS of NU Skin.

“Nu Skin Enterprises is a US based multi-level marketing company that’s been in operation since 1984, worldwide…it’s completely legit, and what they say about the company is true…They are publicly listed in the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and has been featured numerous times in CNN and other world news. They are also the corporate owners of Pharmanex and Big Planet.” – from RandyPau’s blog

From what I understand, Pau has experience with NU skin and based from his commenters, they too have benefited from working at NU Skin (as retailers? sellers? marketers? they don’t really specify how which puts the skeptic in me in thinking mode… is NU Skin telling them to do all these but NU Skin is an established brand. I mean 25 years!) so they have a right to defend NU Skin. Unlike other blogs there who just base their opinions on hearsay and gossip and say it’s a SCAM without really trying it. But we can’t blame them too really for being very cautious. Based on the readings we had for our liberation theology class, Filipinos are very PERSONAL which leads also to extreme personalism to the point they also do not care about others anymore and they take everything personally. Which is hard to do in sales and business so does this make Filipinos bad salesmen? No I’m not saying that at all but there’s a reason why Filipinos are aversive towards Sales and this kind of Networking when it has been going on for a longtime in Western countries. Networking is actually used here in the blogosphere when sites get referrals to boost up their ratings. I have another excerpt from another blog.

Network marketing has created millionaires and multi-millionaires for over 50 years and I expect it to end anytime soon. So when I see a person bashing the industry in general or bashing a company in particular by claiming “nuskin scam” or some other derogatory… it really makes me made. Because the reality is, for whatever reason, the company or business did not work for them. And they’re mad. So they tend to point fingers versus taking personal responsibility for the result they produced or didn’t produce…are seriously considering joining Nuskin to start your own business, then you deserve to hear the truth about the company and not read someone foaming at the mouth because it did not work for them. Because, regardless of the company you are considering, the unfortunately reality is you will always find more than a few people who joined, didn’t do anything, and now… to save face… seem compelled to scream something ridiculous like “nuskin scams – avoid them”… – from Rob’s blog

So what they’re trying to say is that NUSkin is merely PRESENTING AN OPPORTUNITY. As they say in their phone call, this is a no-commitments gig so you don’t need to join IF YOU REALLY DON’T WANT TO. Don’t go around saying it’s a scam. And for those who know how to utilize this opportunity, then GOOD FOR YOU and you might strike big. This isn’t the perfect job for everyone and I guess they employ this strategy to sift the risk takers from those who are not. What is wrong though for me is they actually (based from the comments that I’ve read) HAVE PEOPLE who go to these seminars and make them write down a list of other people to call. That’s really not cool with me. The people or agents they have us calling aren’t properly trained in my opinion because of the amount of negative reactions that they are getting. So their “plan on expounding to Southeast Asia” isn’t really working out despite being a multi-million dollar company. They have to change their tactic a bit. If you’re wondering where they get your numbers, they probably bought it from companies or checked jobstreet or your friend actually wrote down your name in the list of people to contact. So BE PREPARED guys. Be wary but be informative and do proper research.

I actually have a rescheduled meeting for tomorrow 3pm since I’m not feeling well today. I clarified that I DIDN’T WANT TO DO ANY NETWORKING OR SALES such as that (heck i don’t even use the products… well not now) and I DON’T WANT TO SHELL OUT MONEY (i don’t have any, i’m kinda broke…) AS STARTUP OF WHATEVER and this lady actually agreed that I have the ability to choose the projects I wanted and that the friend who referred me will actually be in the meeting. Unlike other comments, I will be going to an “interview” and not a seminar. WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT. I really want to get to the bottom of this all and tell people what really goes on inside of that building. I’ve already read both positive and negative comments from people who actually WENT to the orientation and they did say it is a seminar. But if it isn’t… then I don’t know. I do want to meet my friend who referred me there and get to the bottom of this. It’s quite shady that they actually DON’T ask for a resume. Really weird.

Be safe everyone and understand things before going on saying it’s a scam or not. I shall update this with a new post after tomorrow’s “meeting” :) Wish me luck!


  • pamela andradaNo Gravatar

    So what happened to the meeting where you got invited? i also have a meeting with them tomorrow at 9am. should i come? what do you think?

    [Reply my friend]

  • pamela andradaNo Gravatar

    So what happened to the meeting where you got invited? i also have a meeting with them tomorrow at 9am. should i come? what do you think?

    [Reply my friend]

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