Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 Giveaway!

I’ve never been a fashionista or a fashion blogger. Heck I hardly pose clothes or even post pictures of myself, but I like fashion. I’ve only recently loved shopping (le gasp) and wanting to buy different styles of clothes now. I even subscribe to a few fashionistas on lookbook and I always appreciate fashion blogs. I love creativity and being able to express yourself through clothes is such a wonderful talent (one that I don’t have :( ).

But all this is going to change! Well not really, but my friend just invited me to the SM Ladies’ Fashion event at Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2012 this coming May 23, 7:30pm and I’m quite excited about it. I’ve watched Project Runaway and America’s Next Top Model and I’ve always wondered what goes on inside a Fashion show besides looking at beautiful clothes. Probably looking over who’s who in the fashion industry too.

Good news is… I’m giving away ONE TICKET to this event at Philippine Fashion Week! *screams hurrah* Contest ends May 21 (Monday) at 12am! This event will be held at SMX Convention Center near SM Mall of Asia. Join by following these simple steps :D

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Don’t forget to include your email and link of the tweet. Here’s how to get the link.

See you there! :D


  1. same here but i like to dress and go out :d

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  2. ooh this is great! so nice of you. :love: I’m so gonna join!

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  3. I think fashion is a way of expressing one’s self, it is how we live and how we see the world. It could be many different things but one thing is for certain, it reflects us. How we think, how creative we are and how we’re feeling. I can’t be sure, I don’t dress to kill but my friends always ask me to put together an ensemble for them. I may have a good taste, but I haven’t tried it on myself. My personal style is *drum rolls* cozy. I love pastel colors and shorts.

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  4. I am a huge fan of ANTM and Proj. Runway Phil. though I have no plans of becoming a professional designer.. I just love watching them.. and knowing that Allison will be there makes me want to be there at all cost. haha… I love her!! :) :love:

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  5. Abigail TanNo Gravatar

    For me fashion is a way to express oneself and impress the others (hey let’s be honest! hahaha). It reflects who you are and how you feel. For me fashion does not have a standard. there’s no in or out in fashion. As long as you are feeling good about yourself and how you carry it, that’s the essence. I don’t really dress up too much. I usually just wear a plain top an a denim shorts. I experiment on colors. I love accessorizing too. Other than plains, i love stripes and polka dots.

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  6. katrina uyNo Gravatar

    i think fashion is more than just clothes and accessories. it’s more than self expression. It one way, how people show their individuality. the look may be patterned or copied from another, but there’s that different feel, aura, that certain uniqueness that nobody can ever take away from someone.
    Yes, i do. i think i am fashionable (a frustrated one) :)) for a reason that i have a really weird body type. My personal style is not really base on trends, but what fits and looks good on my body type. i wear both vintage clothes or trendy ones. my outfits is mostly based on my day’s activities or my mood.

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  7. Fashion is to express and be creative on what you design, it uses your imagination to build new styles that shows your personality. I’m fashionable when i attend events and occasions and when i feel like a model I dress up and experiment with my clothes to know what mix and match so that when i go out i know what to wear. My personal style is retro, it shows the hippy side of me and i see it very cool but i wear it simple, i don’t really over do my style and for me simple is beautiful.

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  8. I’m no fashionista either but I do know how to appreciate fashion. Recently I’ve been conscious with how I dress and how I look before going out. But there are days that I get really lazy and just throw whatever on. LOL.

    I’ve been to Bench Denim Underwear show some years back and it was a good experience. I think someone else deserves this better but I would really like to see what goes on during fashion week. ;)

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  9. janaNo Gravatar

    hi your so lucky! I wish i could watch it, Iv’e been idolizing some designers no how to mix and match clothes, I actually applying it now when I go to work, I hope I could get a chance to watch it for first time :)

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  10. i think it would be a great and interesting experience to see this show! i’ve never been to a fashion show before and i really would like to see people’s fashion ideas and clap along :D i hope you pick me, oh master kang!

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