Impromptu Sessions: The Unplanned Stuff

Would you consider yourself as someone who would rather plan in great detail or someone who just lets life take over for you?

I remember when I was in a kid, I had to plan a lot of events. As class president and usually leader of group projects, I had to plot our activities in great detail. Somehow, I naively thought, adult life was sort of the same. I was focusing on this “lie” that we’ve been taught to early on. As millenials, we’re taught to be entitled for the good things in life. We should have a good job, good home, good relationships by a certain age. But even as I entered college, not knowing if my heart was truly in the act of choosing a major, I kinda sorta knew that life’s pretty unpredictable now. Every decision we make creates a ripple in time but we gotta be prepared for the changes that’ll come and hit us every now and

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A Year In Books: 2015

First of all, thank you everyone for your kind words in my last post. It’s amazing how looking at the bright side of life can change a somewhat dark time. 2015 wasn’t so bad after all. Thank you guys for making me see this.

But now, it’s time for that yearly book post!! 😀 Am such a bookworm xD

2014 was the year I had an abysmal reading record. I couldn’t even finish 15 I think but 2015 is the year I started another reading challenge. Sure I couldn’t do 50 anymore because of work but since I have now more control of my time, maybe I can do it again in 2016. This year I was able to finish 20 and that’s a huge leap from 2014 so I’m grateful for a little progress. I am delving more into non-fiction and inspirational/business books and hope to continue this in 2016. There is so much to learn from both imaginary worlds and the real world so I can’t wait to explore more incredible people’s minds.



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