You want to know who Tiff K is? Well…

This is me with Red Hair

And this is me jumping

You could say I love to laugh. Bit of a geek really. Okay, maybe a lot.

I also love traveling all over the world and meeting new friends. Tail or fur not required.

But mostly I love to eat with my friends.

And do other amusing things.

I’ve got a business involving pink birds that are shaped like bags.

I also collect vinyl toys called Funko Pops

And try to be healthy by doing yoga

You may have heard about me or we’ve crossed paths before
I just want to say that I’m still sort of that same 13-year old blogger who’s carving her path in life
I still love to read books, watch movies & tv series and sing to herself in the shower
But everything has changed as well
It’s all a matter of leveling up and becoming a better version of you everyday
God is my center
I want to be kinder
Thank you for listening to my “herstory”