A Year In Books: 2015

First of all, thank you everyone for your kind words in my last post. It’s amazing how looking at the bright side of life can change a somewhat dark time. 2015 wasn’t so bad after all. Thank you guys for making me see this.

But now, it’s time for that yearly book post!! 😀 Am such a bookworm xD

2014 was the year I had an abysmal reading record. I couldn’t even finish 15 I think but 2015 is the year I started another reading challenge. Sure I couldn’t do 50 anymore because of work but since I have now more control of my time, maybe I can do it again in 2016. This year I was able to finish 20 and that’s a huge leap from 2014 so I’m grateful for a little progress. I am delving more into non-fiction and inspirational/business books and hope to continue this in 2016. There is so much to learn from both imaginary worlds and the real world so I can’t wait to explore more incredible people’s minds.



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2015: A Year of Gratitude


I don’t do year in review posts because… let’s just say I’m lazy compiling everything and summarize every aspect of a year together. I go with the flow and I just bunch of a lot of stuff and say Thanks to God.

But this year’s different. I was practically thrown inside a hurricane, circulating like mad inside a vortex filled with debris banging me up. It was whirlwind of year because of health. Ironic how I toasted for good health on my birthday this year but then God decided otherwise. He probably said that I had to get through this to become better and after talking to friends and reading great books, I’ve come to terms that there’s no easy way learning things. Somethings you have to wade into the mud of life to come out clean. As they say,


People have been doing Happiness Projects, writing things to be grateful for everyday and I realized that thinking about blessings and concentrating on the positive energies is better

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