I’ve finally added all the links to my sistahs on the net! hahah 😛 Pls check the right sidebar to see if I’ve linked ya! I’m going to post soon! Just wait for it guys :p hehe tc now!!:P


Pardon for the freakishly long post title but I couldn’t help it. I mean here I am back to blogging and not just any blogging…..


I’m trying to transfer all my months-stored enthusiasm into this FIRST post of my FIRST ever domain! So that you’d know that it’s me, jynxypanda – tiff k , who is speaking, this post would be filled with a lot of punctuation marks that could accidentally blind a grade school teacher! I hope that you guys are feeling what I’m feeling because I haven’t decently posted in decades.

I promise that this would be an improved version of my blog and I have categorized my life as best as i could in the right-hand corner. There will be MORE movie news, more fandmoness (did I just hear someone say A KRADAM FINALE?

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