UNIQLO Madness

“Oh gosh, why does it have to be this way?” I thought as I clumsily made my way among the throng of red and white while avoiding the bumping and shoving crowd. No longer mindful of where I was going, I accidentally let go of one my bags and let out a curse as my mind spun with the deafening noise of baskets hitting the ground and people kicking and shouting. I covered my ears and my body fell away collapsing, wishing I were anywhere but here.

To be continued ▼

Oh that was just a dramatic opening! The last part didn’t really happen but I did accidentally dropped my shopping bag quite a number of times during the Grand Opening Day (SALE BY THE WAY) of UNIQLO, Japan’s number one clothing line (and second in the world or is it third… Third I think since Gap and Zara’s top 2), in the Philippines!

I am not a marketer for UNIQLO or anything (I almost worked for them! Too bad… uh nevermind… don’t want to talk about it XD) but I am a fan

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On The Dark Side Of The Moon

No I wasn’t watching Mulan before writing this post. It’s what I felt like during the sudden 2 weeks disappearance on my blog. Something mysteriously odd thing happened right? And for the first time it’s not because I didn’t want to blog, but it’s because, I was really doing something that’s why I couldn’t blog. I haven’t been employed (yet, I promise you, I will be employed this year!!!) but I have been working unofficially. I’ll be advertising it here as soon as I’m ready for everything and I’m excited for the prospect of it taking off. I sincerely hope/wish it does take off because it’ll be one of the biggest projects of my lives and this ain’t no school project anymore. You’ve only got yourselves and your customers to please. There’s no haggling for any grades, there’s only the will and the determination to succeed. Compared to my “emo” post a few months back, I think that

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