We’ve Got The Hulk


The Avengers BREAKS BOX OFFICE WEEKEND RECORDS!! That means it sped past and hulk-smashed all the wizards of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows 2’s, surpassing it by a whopping 30 million DOLLARS and made 200 MILLION DOLLARS! Oh gosh, maybe it’s because of the 9gag meme? The take-my-money meme and we promptly told Joss Whedon and bowed down to the master. George Lucas you’re officially the ex-Master now.

So yes, give them your money more because it’s definitely worth a watch. Or two. In short we gotta tell them to let Joss Whedon do AVENGERS 2! *no sarcasm at all! PROMISE!*

Man I’ve broken my blog every other day rule AGAIN. I’ve been wanting to blog on April 25 (because that’s when I watched The Avengers) and I immediately set out to do a….



And yes my friends, I did it! But before I post that, I gotta talk a bit of what I was planning to do. I actually have 5 drafted posts in line but I have not been

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Digging Inside Volcanoes

I’ve always wondered what the Earth has seen through her lifetime. As the opening song of The Big Bang Theory goes

“Our whole universe was in a hot dense state,
Then nearly fourteen billion years ago expansion started. Wait…”

If the Earth really were 14 billion years old (CORRECTION 4 BILLION YEARS AGO, thanks Chiui!), then man, she must have seen a LOT of things. And she’s probably made a lot of things too. Whenever I just walk around along the streets of anywhere, any country, I always wonder, what lies under the ground beneath my feet? I’m sure there’s dirt, crust, bones, and who knows what living things. The Earth has risen I think as we pile concrete or other materials on top of the Earth, we tend to bury a lot of things. And yeah, maybe we can find things inside mountains and volcanoes too.

And who knows what you might find.

Probably a gold mine, maybe Atlantis, maybe your lost sock.

Or maybe…

a 500-year old well-preserved

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