On The Dark Side Of The Moon

No I wasn’t watching Mulan before writing this post. It’s what I felt like during the sudden 2 weeks disappearance on my blog. Something mysteriously odd thing happened right? And for the first time it’s not because I didn’t want to blog, but it’s because, I was really doing something that’s why I couldn’t blog. I haven’t been employed (yet, I promise you, I will be employed this year!!!) but I have been working unofficially. I’ll be advertising it here as soon as I’m ready for everything and I’m excited for the prospect of it taking off. I sincerely hope/wish it does take off because it’ll be one of the biggest projects of my lives and this ain’t no school project anymore. You’ve only got yourselves and your customers to please. There’s no haggling for any grades, there’s only the will and the determination to succeed. Compared to my “emo” post a few months back, I think that

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F Is For…




And yeah, I’m going to be talking about all three things today!

I’d love to feature some talented and awesome people that I’ve met along the way. It’s the least I could do to share their talents. I would really love it if you guys were able to see read my previous post regarding this life-changing perspective I’ve had. It’s great read for those into interior design and architecture 😀

Speaking of design, I have such great artistic friends. One of my hidden dreams is to be a talented artist like my friend here, Amy Domingo, who is such a neko/cat freak. Her drawings are absolutely kawaii and it’s functional but pretty too! I SUPER LOVE her infographics and you know infographics are the in-thing now but she’s been doing this before it was cool.

Did I mention she loves cats?

She’s open for commissions too! :>

Another artistic doodler friend of mine is my hostee and lovely friend

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