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La Résurrection

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Highlights of the Oscars 2013

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Head Over Heels: Oscar-Nominated Animated Short

Valentines is already 2 days past but who's to say we can't spread [more]

Who Should Star in 'The Fault In Our Stars' Movie

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Degustation At The Goose Station

Degustation At The Goose Station It's December once again my fellow readers, have you missed me? [more]

Under Pressure

Am I gonna crack?

Am I gonna squeal?

Am I gonna… die??



What do you do when you have David Bowie and Queen together? XD

Running Dead While Rick Rolling

Just wanted to share something really insane stuffs that’s been going on in my University the past few days (oh gosh why am I

  • writing something academically related again XD well not really…) such as…

    Our mountaineering society has decided to pattern it to a similar marathon in the US where people who marathon are also chased by ZOMBIES!!!

    It’s a BRILLIANT idea if you ask me. I mean not only will you be able to get your usual “exercise” factor from a normal marathon, but you also experience THE ADRENALINE RUSH, THE FEAR, THE ANXIETY, THE SHOCK and everything that you imagine a Zombie chase scene would feel like. Of course it’s not a pleasant sight, I mean who would REALLY want to be chased by zombies? But this is a safe and “realistic” way of imagining it. There were only limited slots for the runners and zombies (would have LOOVED to be a zombie, I’ve been practicing my zombie skills after watching too many Zombie films and series — WALKING DEAD IS AWESOME, PLEASE WATCH IT. Just be patient with the first part of the first episode and you’ll LOVE the ending — and too bad I wasn’t able to use them :( Next time I guess??

    //EDIT I found the original American marathon! It’s called RUN FOR YOUR LIVES and it’s FRIGGING HILARIOUS! XD Setting is really somewhere in the boonies and the zombies are meaner and the obstacles are crazy! LOL and btw SPOT THE NINJA TURTLES AND WALDO XD HILARIOUS! XD Oh my gosh I want to see this in action, but how could I get to America? I would probably need a payday loan!

    Also one of my coursemate (hmm should I blot out his name? XD hahaa but more than 6000 people have seen it so maybe not… !) has now become a 9gag celebrity! Have you seen his reaction paper regarding a field trip to the Malacanang Palace (aka The White House here in the Philippines, of course Obama doesn’t live there)? Come on I’m sure you have seen this already!

    TOTALLY GOT RICK-ROLLED! XD 9gag frequent readers would know this term since Rick Astley is such a great Meme XD My coursemate didn’t really have plans on posting this on 9gag, just Facebook but… you know how some of your friends just suddenly go to you and say, “OH WAIT ___ BY THE WAY I UPLOADED IT ON ___! DON’T THANK MEE!!” And that’s what happened to him. Friend apparently didn’t erase his name so he keeps on being googled and being stalked. He has got some pretty WEIRD e-mails and calls. And he has been featured on our local news channel as the ____ STUD (___ is my university name, I just don’t want this post to be googled that’s why I’m not going to give any specifics) XD I have no idea why they didn’t complete the word STUDENT and just wrote STUDE. Weird! XD Also he just got a call today and it’s from a BIG media company! I wonder what will happen… Stay tune!

    So there, exciting events have been happening lately! OH AND 2 WEEKS UNTIL I FINISH UNIVERSITY.


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