Yuletide Greetings!

Happy Christmas everyone!! It’s Christmas eve and the air is buzzing with goodness and love <3


Okay I was supposed to write an entry on Christmas eve but you know how busy these things are and I was dragged out of the computer. Now here I am, 5 days later, continuing this post.

I realized my past posts have been a difficult read and I’m still quite not over what has happened to my Angkong and my family is trying to cope without my grandfather but we’re getting there. In Chinese tradition, the immediate family has to be in mourning for 49 days. Men should not shave or cut their hair for more than 100 days even while everybody had to wear sad/mourning clothing and definitely no brandishing red color anywhere visible on the body (that photo of me wearing maroon was just me wearing all the gifts I received for a moment, xD I think it doesn’t count as violating this superstition). We shouldn’t attend celebrations, weddings, baptisms, etc but we still

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The Power of 3

After 13 days of absence here on my blog, so much has happened. I can’t write everything down but I lost 3 important things in a span of 8 days. First was Monmon our pet Cockatail. Second was Toby our pet Persian Cat. And lastly, my estranged grandfather, who in my heart of hearts, loved his family dearly in his unique way. 

I learned about his passing while at Changi airport getting the exclusive Star Wars plushies.  I was on my way home to the Philippines after the succcessful Anime Festival Convention (Snapsacks joined! Hehe) and I wanted something to celebrate over and the Star Wars plushie could just be it. I chose Chewbacca because of his furry-ness but decided wait, it wasn’t as cute as I thought it’d be and I was drawn to Yoda more so I bought him. Right after making the purchase, I got a Viber message from mom that my grandfather passed. Overwhelming emotion took over. Thoughts of countlelss missed opportunities just enveloped me and I couldn’t

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