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Whew, that was definitely one of the most personal posts (the last post) that I’ve written in a while. Thanks for hearing me out. After months, I finally got to dream again. One of the indications that I am having a good sleep (or if I’m feeling awesome) is dreaming. Before I used to dream for weeks and since I’m a lucid dreamer, it actually leaves me exhausted and I feel like living a double life because I was awake during the day and at night. My dream last night and involved going to Japan (maybe coz I ate at Genki Sushi last night) and I felt insanely better after waking up.

Thank you God for making me feel better.

I was supposed to go to the inspiring Kerygma talk by Bo Sanchez this weekend but my uncle from Canada arrived and I had a little father-side bonding with them. Things are going crazy at my father’s side because currently my eccentric grandfather is bedridden and sadly I think is starting to have dementia. Troubling times but we get by. It was also

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Never Let Fear Stop You From Living Your Life


These words were uttered by one of my best friends in the office and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I have so much fears the past few months. I haven’t talked about this openly but I feel like I’ve been talking to Death face to face for a while. Countless nights have been spent awake fearing that he’s coming closer and I can feel his breath upon me. It caused so much anxiety and I have officially turned myself into a hypochondriac. Every single feeling that my body was feeling is exaggerated and escalated to something serious. Will I still wake up once I let sleep overcome me?

It was an insane few weeks and I kept everything bottled up inside for a while. Without blogging or just talking to people, acid was probably building. I was stressing myself out even when I shouldn’t even be stressing about anything. But at the rate of everyone getting older, the higher the probability of us getting sick and eventually… moving on spiritually. I think

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