*Theo PDF*

I like how teachers cope with the times and use technology when teaching in class. Powerpoint presentations are sometimes better than the normal classroom discussion style and a teacher could really use it to his advantage. Students wouldn’t be that bored and slack off to dreamland.

One of my particular professors, surprisingly a Theology professor, knows how to handle technology. He always records every meeting in his small mp3 player and always has his laptop ready with his presentations complete with references and images. He also has created a multiply site and blog site for our classes so that we’ll be updated even in the online world.

But what troubles me is the PDF files of our readings. Sometimes you want to convert pdf to word so that it would be more convenient and you would be able to edit it freely or vice versa. Good thing there’s a pdf software readily available! This will

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*Help To The Rescue!*

It’s so hard to find help nowadays. I’m not talking about the kindess or help of a stranger or a friend since that’s another topic altogether and it could also be lacking in some aspect but this is about day laborers like movers, household helpers, landscaping helpers and more! I don’t know if people experience this but finding good help is very difficult in where I live. There is not much contacts or referrals from other people and you really have to trust your gut instincts. Not that I mean you won’t need them if you find a better way but it is advantageous if there is some convenient way out there that can help you find help.

But thankfully a site turned up that just wanted to offer that. Based just from the sitename, you know what it does and it goes straight to the point. Visit HireAHelper and you would get instant service. A directory with lists and classifications of good and trusting people who can help you for a day! And

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