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Highlights of the Oscars 2013

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Head Over Heels: Oscar-Nominated Animated Short

Valentines is already 2 days past but who's to say we can't spread [more]

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Degustation At The Goose Station

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Hoodies and Wilderness Explorers

…and the COMMENT WINNER of my last post (SHORTEST POST EVAH!) is KEITI! Thank you all those who read and commented especially those who really did read everything! It wasn’t easy making a post that long but I enjoyed it immensely. I don’t know when I’ll be making a post like that again, but let’s see. I loved all your comments but Keiti, having made her biggest effort to write the longest comment she’s ever written, was able to make her comment complete and concise. She talked about everything and for the effort, I’ll be giving you SOMETHING (no idea what that is yet) around October when I announce my contest.

I believe that my contest will be sort of an “awards-thing-too”. I’d probably have the BEST COMMENTER, MOST NUMBER OF COMMENTS, FUNNIEST VISITOR, WEIRDEST VISITOR, or something like that. Am not too sure on the categories yet but could you guys help me? What would be a cool award to give?

Speaking of contests, I’ve sponsored (first time!) Sis Jhoanna’s first contest! Imma give away a cell phone charm I bought in Shanghai! :D It’s absolutely cute! :D I’ve also joined Kym’s AWESOME CONTEST. I swear because of my recent online shopping addiction of handmade items, I would reach Nirvana if ever I get to win. The prizes are frigging GREAT! :D Just check it out yourselves!

I really didn’t mean for the long gap between my post before and now. I’ve just been really busying (read: 3 long tests in Physics, Applied Math for Computer, Theology) then I had a critical quiz in Filipino that we had to use 3 brains to be solved (and my goodness for some miracle, WE GOT THE HIGHEST GRADE! Thank the Lord!). I was also preparing for my VERY FIRST PROJECT (I’m the project head!) in my organization and it has been a success! We’re selling GEEK SHIRTS to geeks and non-geeks alike! Sold over 60 shirts on the first :p Hopefully we’ll be able to finish off the stock. I hope that next semester’s sale would be as good!! Want to see them? They kind of remind me of Kym’s Engrish shirts! haha :D


So there, I’ve been really really busy… I’ve only gotten the chance now because of the sort of free week. I do have to finish 1 500+page book for Filipino (in Filipino >_<), study for Computer and Filipino midterms. Okay, I CAN DO THIS!! :D Be positive! But I’ve been quadripolar later… I’ve been feeling so many intense emotions at once. Argh.

Anyway this has been cheering me a lot lately…

Can somebody pls buy me this? If you do, imma LOVE YOU FOREVER!! I can’t immediately click the BUY button because it’s 100$! That is frigging expensive even for a jacket but it’s handmade… and it’s a panda… so if ever I want to buy it, I want to earn a thousand dollars first. Unless someone decides to buy this for my birthday present? Or Christmas?? Well a girl can hope anyway… Click here if you’re interested anyway

Oh! This is a nifty thing I found! I think I’m gonna try this and fix a layout for myself. It’s absolutely ingenious. Just by creating a photoshop image, you would be able to create a WORDPRESS LAYOUT WITHOUT THE CODING. OMG, isn’t it DIVINE?? Check it out guys!

AND SOMETHING TO SMILE ABOUT :D Please watch both, I swear you’ll end up laughing or dancing anyway *like the drugged zebra in the end XD* haha :P lolz!


Do visit my tumblr guys!! Loving tumblr again, I mean there are just so many things there! Oh and please do WATCH PIXAR’S UP. I wanted to shed bucketloads of tears but I couldn’t just sob uncontrollably inside the cinema so I just resorted to letting my tears fall on their own. I swear, I couldn’t hold them back and I am an IRON WOMAN at crying when watching movies. I RARELY CRY so Up was definitely a FRIGGING AWESOME MOVIE. LOVE IT!! Pls do watch it or else I’ll cry… oh dear.. I’m emotional now again… tc and bye…

Updates when I update! :D

Questions (do you miss this part?)
1. What would be a cool award to include in my “Awards show”?
2. Would you buy a geek shirt if ever you can?
3. Are you going to try the Divine Project?
4. What did you think of the Thai commercial and Coke ad?
5. Pls buy me the Panda bear hoodie and watch Pixar’s UP? PLS??? hahaa lolz! :D

*Geek Stuff*

I feel so elated and happy that we have sold around 67% of our Geek shirts and 2 days have just passed! It will be a challenge to sell the remaining 33% of the stock though. I do hope we reach our 80% goal! If you want to view the designs, I’ll be making a separate post about it soon.

One of our designs had the blue screen of death on it, the infamous death screen of a Windows operating system having a fatal error and you are forced to restore it. It reminds me how much we need anti-virus programs. Don’t you think think so? And not just anti-virus programs, but anti-spyware too because it is quite horrifying to know that people can really steal identities and information in this modern age of ours. anti-malware is good to so that our programs would all be squeaky clean.

Don’t overdo it though because I heard that having more than one good anti-virus program can also confuse your system thus the virus won’t be detected. Be careful my friends! Always make sure to update your softwares too.

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