Guacamole, Is What Exactly?

Glad you guys enjoyed the video! Haha your responses were really fun to read and I’m sorry to you guys if the audio was bad! I have no idea why it was like that >_< dedz . Maybe I talked too low or there's something wrong with Vimeo... odd, never had that problem before! haha šŸ˜€ Well stay tuned for my future vlogs! I still have no idea when I'll do another one. I am really too shy... I'm still in a pickle an bombarded with long tests. I really need to get As for the rest of the exams I have on Math and Physics so I really need to put a gameface on. My dream ever since stepping into college is still NOT FULFILLED. I went in with HIGH HOPES again and I want to beat up Past-Tiff-K for having such dreams. Yes ladies and gents, I want to be on the coveted Dean's List. For those of you who don't know, my grade last semester was 3.33. ZERO FRIGGING POINT ZERO TWO AWAY FROM GETTING IN. ZERO POINT ZERO TWO. It really hurt my heart and Math was really the culprit. Math now is just too

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*Big Fan*

Iā€™m a big fan of big fish games (because of Facebook! Geo Challenge was my first love) and Clue, the mystery board game, so when Big Fish Games combines the two aspects and produces ones with solid graphics and gameplay, I am now all ears!

Their Mystery Games are all very interesting! I can go back to my childhood in the computer by playing Nancy Drew and Sherlock Holmes, who are both my childhood key book characters. Not only that, they have other games such as Myster P.I. and Princess Isabella, all very knew. I hope that this will bring out the sleuth in me!




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