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Highlights of the Oscars 2013

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Head Over Heels: Oscar-Nominated Animated Short

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Who Should Star in 'The Fault In Our Stars' Movie

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Degustation At The Goose Station

Degustation At The Goose Station It's December once again my fellow readers, have you missed me? [more]

*Geek Stuff*

I feel so elated and happy that we have sold around 67% of our Geek shirts and 2 days have just passed! It will be a challenge to sell the remaining 33% of the stock though. I do hope we reach our 80% goal! If you want to view the designs, I’ll be making a separate post about it soon.

One of our designs had the blue screen of death on it, the infamous death screen of a Windows operating system having a fatal error and you are forced to restore it. It reminds me how much we need anti-virus programs. Don’t you think think so? And not just anti-virus programs, but anti-spyware too because it is quite horrifying to know that people can really steal identities and information in this modern age of ours. anti-malware is good to so that our programs would all be squeaky clean.

Don’t overdo it though because I heard that having more than one good anti-virus program can also confuse your system thus the virus won’t be detected. Be careful my friends! Always make sure to update your softwares too.


QUICK! What’s the first thing that pops up when you hear the word beauty? You have 3 seconds… 3…2…..1…. OVER!

So what was your answer? I’d naturally think of Beauty and the Beast or a rose (because my second name is rose, haha I’m being corny) but all these are subjective right? There really is no such thing as the “right” beauty but we all have some common idea of it and maintaining it is what’s important. This is especially true to women who are in the presence of thousands of beauty products. It’s absolutely fine to buy these but it’s better if one is able to help the environment in any way right? Why not be organic too?

Some people say that applying makeup actually lessens beauty over time since it is just temporary, but I don’t mean those at all. I’m talking about the beauty of your skin, the glow of it and the smoothness of it. Feeling is what’s more important. Applying body scrubs is absolutely perfect for cleansing for the whole body. Natural organic beauty products are healthy and this will assure you that there will be no side effects unlike those of chemically produced ones. Body lotions are also good for making the skin supple.

Applying these natural products would immediately restore your bad day! Grow old healthily and beautifully.

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