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Degustation At The Goose Station

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*Game of College*

Do you know what question among many others pops in my mind whenever I play the board game called “The Game of Life”? Well it’s actually a very confusing thought for foreigners I guess.. Besides asking “Why am I stick figure here?”, I also ask myself this, “Wow, you can actually purchase student loans in college? When I was in grade school, college seemed like a mile away. Why should I bother thinking about college or money, I’m still young! But I think I should have started thinking about it earlier so then my path wouldn’t be so dark and scary.

Well back to loans. Because my country’s government is not exactly rich and wealthy, they cannot afford to give public school students the much-needed college loans that the US seem to give to their students. They have a lot of sites that can help them choose even their online college degrees. If ever they do have this, it isn’t sufficient and not well organized because not a lot of parents think of availing one for their children.

I hope that the government sees the importance of these private student loans. It helps prepare a student to realize their responsibilities and their duties as citizens to pay back their government that has helped them. But this is still a near-yet-far dream for my country. I hope that more funds would be allotted to the education fund. So fellow citizens, let’s vote wisely in next year’s elections!

*More Than Wishful Thinking*

I’ve already sort of revealed to you guys that I’m currently taking up BS Computer Science. Why? Well I’ve been asking that question to myself ever since I changed the dotted line. Ever since I asked to shift from BS Management Honors to my course. Was it a good choice? Would I regret it in the future? Well I’ve thought about this a lot. I’ve even consulted everyone in my family and especially my uncle who’s living successfully abroad. All I want to do is to be successful but getting to the top is what’s important right? How you go about it, how you battled the raging snow storms and scared off the yeti is what it’s important. So I thought of making college life more meaningful by learning something from one of my most beloved technology, the computer.

So here I am, hoping to learn more about design, information technology, how to program applications that will help inbound and outbound hosted IVR call centers and many more! But would I want to return to my original path? I think so. I certainly love business so why not integrate the two? Let’s just see how my life unravels in the future. Lord help me with my decisions.

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