*If You Have a Bad Hair Day*

I seriously have bad hair. I used to have perfect hair when I was young up to 3 years old but then came the wrath of kinky hair. The wavelength of my curly hair was so short that it was considered kinky and I was even considering if I have African genes because of it. Maybe because this ladt from Bahamas braided my hair when I was 6 years old and then this huge kinky hair spurt forth.

Anyway I had to deal with this and my mum was especially infuriated with it for some reason so I spent almost six years treating it. I am then looking for this elixir for my hair. Do I need a salon like the hair salon chalfont? What is appealing here is that it exudes a homey vibe but it is a full service salon chalfont. From hair salon chalfont color to women’s hair styles, they all have good service for them. They also look professional because of the equipment they have but their products sound good too.

I wish there was some way I could go to that salon though.. bad hair day please be gone!

Crossing the Yellow Brick Road

Hey guys! Thanks so much for participating in last post’s mini-contest!
SIS MICA won the challenge and yes dear, the title did mean THANK YOU EVERYONE. Obrigado means Thank you in Portuguese (I know little Portuguese because of my bro! Some swear words too XD haha) and Da Jia means everyone in Chinese. Speaking of Chinese, I promised you all Chinese tutorials. I will get on it as soon as sembreak starts. Our school thankfully has sustained our semestral break (THREE WEEKS VACATION BAYBEH!! :D) unlike other schools (some only have 3 day vacation :( ) that had to cut theirs short because of the many suspensions and holidays. So yeah, I’ll have TIME. And unfortunately, I won’t be going on any vacations I think… so sad :(

This post will just be a filler for the week and to give you updates!~ Yes I am currently dying in school works still so this will be a short one! I’m currently trying to accomplish a MUSIC CHALLENGE that I invented myself. Because I tend

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