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La Résurrection

La RésurrectionI can't believe I'm actually writing a post on my blog again. I had [more]

In-Depth Europe Travel Guide Part Two: To Eurail Or Not To Eurail

In-Depth Europe Travel Guide Part Two: To Eurail Or Not To EurailHave you read part one? Read this first. What's the best way to [more]

Highlights of the Oscars 2013

Highlights of the Oscars 2013The Oscars has been my guilty pleasure since grade school. There's [more]

Head Over Heels: Oscar-Nominated Animated Short

Valentines is already 2 days past but who's to say we can't spread [more]

Who Should Star in 'The Fault In Our Stars' Movie

Who Should Star in 'The Fault In Our Stars' MovieTitle is straight to the point because I instantly wanted to slam [more]

Degustation At The Goose Station

Degustation At The Goose Station It's December once again my fellow readers, have you missed me? [more]

Around The Web-iverse with Panda-Tiff!

Okay, since I’m sort of being pressured for time because I want to blog on this last minutes of the month of July, I’d just like to share some interesting finds over the past few days. Too many for one long blog post so I’d just condense it here. Maybe I’d make it some sort of “gimmick” for this blog. Let’s see! Oh and please do welcome my new blogging friend Krisel! Remember, if you want to link exchange, please click Contact Me above and follow the rules :P

Around The World/Web-iverse With Tiff K!

Want to increase blog traffic? Join sis Mica’s awesome promotions site! All you need is a screenshot and follow the requirements and presto! I think I actually earned more blog visits now! :D Do join BLOGWALKERS!!

Of course after blogging about Harry Potter, you need to see HP cosplaying! haha


Who went to Comic Con in San Diego?? If you did, pls do share some pictures. I’d love to attend this event sometime in my lifetime because of the awesome people that you may find! EXTREMELY long lines though! Love the cosplaying!! Can’t find many anime characters though :( But love the creativity of the people! Look at MORE (TONS EVEN!! Share your fave!) HERE!

US Senator Robert Byrd looks totally like Sam the Eagle! AGREED!

Got this off at TotallyLooksLike site! It’s pretty awesome and funny because you’ll find all sorts of people and scenes that actually look like famous people! They can even becompared to as objects!! See the rock formation of Jabba The Hut! =))

Do you reckon that you’d want the same Wedding Entrance as this?? LAUGH OUT LOUD!! =))

CRAP! Even if you’re not Chinese, you have got to read the subtitles because of the crapping effing rich lyrics!! =)) It’s really soo funny! A parody of a Chinese rap song that contains a LOT of FOUL LANGUAGE. Not suitable for those younger than 13 please :D

And here’s some feel good music to end your day! Don’t you just want to dance with the song? Parapapapapaaa…..

And lastly… pls… do Give Hope to our fellow bloggers. Remember F-my life dot com? The site that shows people that people have it harder than them. Well this site wants to promote more on the hope part. On the part that says that there’s still some good in this world.

More personal happenings and experiences (LOTS!) in next post! :D

*Game of College*

Do you know what question among many others pops in my mind whenever I play the board game called “The Game of Life”? Well it’s actually a very confusing thought for foreigners I guess.. Besides asking “Why am I stick figure here?”, I also ask myself this, “Wow, you can actually purchase student loans in college? When I was in grade school, college seemed like a mile away. Why should I bother thinking about college or money, I’m still young! But I think I should have started thinking about it earlier so then my path wouldn’t be so dark and scary.

Well back to loans. Because my country’s government is not exactly rich and wealthy, they cannot afford to give public school students the much-needed college loans that the US seem to give to their students. They have a lot of sites that can help them choose even their online college degrees. If ever they do have this, it isn’t sufficient and not well organized because not a lot of parents think of availing one for their children.

I hope that the government sees the importance of these private student loans. It helps prepare a student to realize their responsibilities and their duties as citizens to pay back their government that has helped them. But this is still a near-yet-far dream for my country. I hope that more funds would be allotted to the education fund. So fellow citizens, let’s vote wisely in next year’s elections!

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